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Security Hygiene


Security hygiene is the practice of maintaining a computer system, by ensuring the basic controls are executed on a regular basis. It is, at it's core, a precautionary practice, sometimes may be seen as mundane, yet still critical to the safe operation of your IT system.

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Password policies


Almost every company on the face of the planet have them... Password policies. They describe how long and complex they need to be, how often you need to change them, much to the dismay of of your users. Let's talk about passwords. In this article we will only cover the authentication side of the security model.

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We don't need Wordpress


Wordpress has been the defacto blogging and content management system for many websites. It is claimed to be running on around 455 million websites globally, well over 30% of all websites globally. Wordpress is a big deal. There's a huge amount of plugins available that can turn the site into anything imaginable.

My own website has also been operating with Wordpress for quite a while, until recently when I decided to pull the plug on Wordpress.

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Bayesian Averages


The Bayesian Average is a mathematical formula that is used to derive average in a data set when the data set may be small. Typically you'll see the bayesian average used on sites like Yelp.

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